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1. What is this website about?

This is a dating portal for your entertainment, which allows you to get in touch with men and women in your area or other places, who could be of interest to you. Whether you are looking for friendship, a cyber-affair, a friendly chat, someone special or someone who shares your interests – or if you are a business traveller or on vacation and would like to get in touch with locals – you have come to the right place. We hope you have fun!

2. How does it work?

In just 3 easy steps, you are ready to start meeting like-minded people. Register, choose a username and create your personal profile and you are all set. It’s simple, free and 100% anonymous! After you sign up successfully, we recommend that you upload a profile photo and add some information about yourself. Completing your profile will increase your chances of attracting the right person; so don’t skimp on this step. Once you have completed your profile, get out there and mingle! By updating your profile on a regular basis you are more likely to attract other users’ attention, and you can also earn free coins! Browse other user profiles, check out their photos and find other people. You can search according to your preferences such as age, location, interests and more. When you find an interesting profile, you can start interacting with them. Send ‘hots’ and ‘hearts’ for free to show your interest and to find out if they like you too. It’s that easy to meet new people. Just chat and have fun.

3. Is this a subscription service?

No, it is not! It is 100% FREE to register, create your own profile and browse other users. No subscriptions, no recurring charges, no commitments!

4. What are coins used for?

You need coins to send messages and photos to other users (receiving messages is FREE of charge) but also to improve your profile ranking. After your initial free coins are spent, you can purchase additional coins online at any time, using our secure payment gateways. Coins expire 90 days after purchase (but we are sure you will have used them way before that anyway!). Please note that if you receive free or promotional coins, we may invalidate them at any point according to our Terms & Conditions.

5. What are the costs for sending messages?

Sending one (1) message or one (1) photo will cost you 40 coins. One (1) message is limited to 400 characters. Receiving messages and photos is FREE of charge.

6. How can I purchase coins?

You can top up your balance by clicking your profile photo / username in the top right corner and then choosing the option “Coins” and then “Add coins”. You can choose one of our offered packages.

7. What payment options do I have?

Depending on which country you reside, we offer different payment methods, e.g. bank transfers, prepaid cards, credit cards and other local payment options.

8. Is my financial information safe when making payments through your site?

Yes, your financial information is safe with us. The details of your payment are being processed through our secure servers. We do not store any of your sensitive data.

9. How will changes appear on my credit card statement after paying for your service?

We like to handle our transactions in a confidential way so for credit card payments, “Gold star London Ltd.” name will appear on your credit card statement.

10. Cancellation, refund and return policy

At any time and without cause, membership to the website may be terminated by either the website or the user upon notification to the other party by electronic mail. When the member requests the termination, existing coin balance is NOT refunded. Users are liable for charges incurred by them until termination of service. Any refunds can only be made to the same card number or bank account that was used to place the original order. If you need to cancel your order, you should contact our website through the email [mail] Please make sure to include your user name, your real name, email address and phone number. Should you encounter any difficulties with the cancellation of your order, please contact us at [mail] but please make sure you have your personal information including: account name, real name, email address, phone number and order number in xxxxxx.yyyyyyy format, i.e. 12345678 which you will find in the order confirmation email you would have received after you completed the checkout process.

11 Can i use the dating site from mobile or tablet?

Sure, you can! Our site is designed to work on both personal computers and mobile devices. Our mobile website is designed to fit the screen of your mobile device and includes all the major features you know from our website. You can send and receive messages, update your profile, edit your favourites, and browse profiles and photos.

12. Is it safe to use our website?

Yes, your personal information is 100% secure with us. However, we are not responsible for what our users consciously share with others, so please use common sense! Do not disclose too much personal information that could be used for fraudulent or dishonest purposes. Get to know your chat partners in order to determine whether they are really trustworthy. please read our Privacy & Cookies policy and our Terms & Conditions.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for you can always contact us by clicking on this mail: [mail]

13. How can I retrieve my lost password?

On the login page, click “Forgot password“ and enter the email address you used to register with us. We will then send a link to your email account. Please click the link and follow the instructions.

14. Can I have more than one(1) account?

No, you are only permitted to have one (1) account at a time. Please ensure that you delete your old account before creating a new one. Creating multiple accounts could result in you being blacklisted, as well as your email addresses and IP addresses.

15. Can I change my username?

No, unfortunately you cannot. If you really want to change it, you have to delete your account and create a new account with the desired username.

16. How can I change my password?

Send us a mail on



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